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Bespoke Design

We are proud to offer a tailored design service to clients looking to turn great ideas into tangible product solutions.

Whether it's making a small adjustment to improve the functionality of existing equipment, or developing a concept completely from scratch, we are here to help.



We understand that often the best ideas for successful onboard products come from those who interact with them the most; passengers and crew. We can help you collate feedback, organise ideas, and document thoughts into a basic product brief that we can then take to our design team.


Working with world-class designers, we iterate through the sketching stage, exploring workability, function and aesthetic until we are happy with the visuals and ready to produce a prototype, using equipment such as 3D printers to achieve a sample as close to the real thing as possible.


Our engineers will then look at what materials will be most suitable to create the product, ensuring conformity to any relevant standards, and the manufacturing techniques that will be required to scale production for the new design.

When all is said and done, we take great pride in delivering the final version to our clients, knowing that the best possible effort and expertise have gone into making this important piece of equipment the absolute best that it can be, improving the onboard experience all round.

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For more information on how our design capabilities can enhance your cabin experience, please contact our team.

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