We are on a  pursuit of perfection, to enhance guest experience, improve passenger interactions, and enable staff and crew to offer first-class service. 

Our products are created with three key criteria in mind; be beautifully designed, friendly to the environment, and cost-effective.

Still, don't just take our word for it, see why we are the only airline-supply company in the world to have won five Mercury Awards...


Founded in 1989, by our current CEO, Gordon Oakley. Malton Inflight is a multi-award winning global supplier of onboard hygiene, catering and passenger experience products. Serving the transport industry for more than 30 years winning countless awards for our product innovation and eco-friendly initiatives. Today, Malton has representative offices in the UK and Shanghai.



Air-Genie Soap Bottle



Time-saving, hygiene-boosting, washroom-freshening, award-scooping liquid handsoap & fragrance.
Allow us to present to
you, our very own genie
in a bottle...

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Guilt-free chinaware that is as strong & stylish as it is sustainable. Join the Royal Pearl revolution and #leavethebonealone !

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Royal Pearl Chinaware
Mercury Award


Five Awards

Malton Inflight has taken home 5 Mercury Awards for innovative and environmentally-friendly products. The only company in the world to do so.

Ministro Serving Flask


We are striving to maintain the most ethical standards of manufacturing within our industry.

Strategically sited production centres in Shanghai and Shenzhen allow us to ship to over 80 major airlines around the world - around the clock. 

All logistics, quality control and social-ethical audits on factories in China are carried out by our own highly experienced locally-based team in Shanghai.




"Malton are a great supply partner to work with. We have always found them to be very reactive to our requirements and always happy and willing to help. Malton are always first on our list to contact!"

Stacey Murdoch, Inflight Product Delivery Manager.

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"We are happy with Malton Inflight since we started our business partnership. Do keep up the good work and we look forward to future business opportunities with Malton."

NG Aik Tong, Purchasing Executive, Inflight Equipment

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"Customer service is excellent, any time I submit orders or queries they are replied to in a prompt & timely fashion, I never find myself having to send gentle reminders for a reply :-) In addition to the above your OTIF into myself is also excellent."

Paul Proudfoot, Inventory Controller

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"Malton is a supply partner who truly recognises service, listen and respond to the customer needs. They have always pulled out the stops and risen to the challenge, and we appreciate the effort they put into meeting our needs."

Steve Pette – Head of Innovation

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"I think the service is wonderful! We love the Carafes as they are made to last and very reasonably priced. I think Malton has friendly and very helpful employees and they help with whatever I need :o) You guys are the BEST!"

TJ Manz, Inflight Resource Co-Ordinator

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"Reaction to the AirGenie Soap-Air-Freshener from passengers and our cabin crew has been brilliant."

Sacha Cameron, Inflight Services Executive

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"One of our best suppliers."

Jose Maria Estaban, Equipment Co-Ordinator

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"Working with Gordon and his team for the last four years has been very successful for Etihad. Together we have developed several unique products which have been of high quality and very beneficial for us. Malton's strength is in its diversity, communication and on-time delivery. So, all you need to do is throw a challenge at Gordon and his team and they will deliver!"

Werner Kimmeringer, Head of Guest Experience

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"We certainly appreciate the support that you and your Malton team have given us to date. It’s important that we all work together, as we need each other."

Moses Devanayagam, Head of Operations

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"A reliable supplier, gives good service."

Adel Barat Ahmed, Specialist Material Services

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