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Passenger Experience


A comfortable and warm layer for those long-haul flights, made from beautifully-textured woven fleece.

Did you know it takes, on average, 7 litres of water to wash one blanket? No?

With mounting pressures for the airline industry to reduce its environmental impact while remaining cost-efficient, industry development is critical. Apart from washing costs, there is also the cost of transporting and recycling blankets for re-usage. Our 'Passenger Experience' collection offer non-woven and fleece blankets, specifically developed with the airline industry in mind.

We take pride in our commitment to creating environmentally friendly and efficient products for airline use. Our silky soft fleece and non-woven blanket range is manufactured to be durable and reduce washing costs, allowing for more efficient and longer-lasting usage.

We strive to meet your every need, making our product range as diverse and adaptable as you need. Our non-woven and fleece blankets have been developed to meet all necessary standards and budgets.

Our range can be washed, given away in flight, or sold as part of a comfort package. Please see our Comfort kit and Sleep kit for more details.


Size: Airline Standard

Gram weight: 240gsm

Material: Polar Fleece