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Our new and innovative Oven Gloves offer comfort, safety and protection from accidents and burns when transferring food from the galley oven to the trolley.

We offer cotton terrycloth knitted oven gloves and the very latest thermal-steam proof oven gloves, which are already in service with major airlines.

The blended materials allow for durable and heat resistant gloves, for ultimate protection. Our range also offers gloves with a silicone non-slip coating for enhance grip.

Whether you require specific dexterity, long or short sleeve protection, we will be pleased to work with you and your in-flight team to develop a product which meets or exceeds your expectations.


Please contact us for specification and information on our range.

Thermal Steam Proof Oven Glove


Temperature resistance:170℃

Total Length:39 cm(+/-5%)

Sleeve length:19 cm (+/-5%)

Weight:110 g/pcs (+/-8%)

CE Certified