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Passenger Sleep Kit

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When your brain senses pure darkness, it causes the production of melatonin, the chemical of sleep. This soft nylon eye mask is made for the perfect 40 winks with the ultimate blackout effect. The strap is smooth elastic that sits comfortably around the head. Eye masks are perfect for jet setters in every class.

To help induce a state of ultimate peace above the clouds, our comfort kit also includes earplugs. When you block out both noise and light, the chances of falling asleep are improved — constructed from a low-pressure polyurethane foam that is both comfortable and snug.

Complete with a pair of ultra fluffy bed socks, our comfort kit offers the ultimate retreat onboard for anyone who deserves to take the weight off.



Material: Cotton

Ear Plugs

Material: PU polyurethane foam

Eye mask

Outer layer material: Silk Fabric

Filling: Spinned cotton

Band: Elastic