A Mask For Every Occasion

July 13, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has meant that face masks have become a part of everyday life. The UK and many other governments around the world, alongside the World Health Organisation (WHO), have advised on wearing face coverings on public transport in a bid to reduce transmission risk. These new measures have been in place in the UK since 15th June, whereby it is still mandatory in England to wear face coverings whilst on trains, buses, and in Ubers.

The easing of travel restrictions is slowly coming into play around the world, and many of us getting the go-ahead to return to work, and reunite with friends and family. However, this comes an evolving 'new normal' of rules and regulations. With the ensuing uptick in activity, here are a few tips on what mask may work best for you.

The commute

Commuters are now facing rules and guidelines to allow for safer travel. Trains and busses now recommend or require passengers to wear a form of face covering. Airlines are providing face protection on many routes as travel bridges and quarantine restrictions are lifted.


As many of us make two commutes a day, to and from a place of work, a washable reusable mask is your best bet in reduces cost and waste. Reusable masks can be washed and worn again. Simply throw in the wash with the rest of your workwear.


Top Tip: Filter-it! –Some masks have built-in filters or a filter pocket for you to wash, replace, or dispose of after each use. If your mask is reusable, you will need to remove the filter before washing.


Did you know: Our masks can be washed up to 30 times. That’s the equivalent of a month’s worth of usage from just one mask! Order Here

To the Pub...

 As we all make our way back to our beloved pubs and restaurants, gasping for that first post lockdown pint, it’s easy to forget what safety guidelines and social distancing measures are still in place.
While it is not mandatory to enter your local in disguise, it is always well received to wear a face covering in public. A disposable non-medical mask is cheap and easy to throw on. Pending on how many visits to the pub you are planning on now your diary has opened up, bulk buying will serve you in steady feet for the rest of the summer months. A pack of 30-50 will ensure you’re never in short supply. Shop Now

Top Tip: Elastic ear loops! - Many masks have elasticated ear loops to help them fit snug behind your ears, however, are difficult to adjust. If you do not fit the ‘one size fits all category’, try a pleated or moulded design would better fit your face.

Picnic in the park  

We are now able to go out, visit friends and family we haven’t seen in months and enjoy the summer weather (or what's left of it) for more than an hour a day and from more than the confines of our own back garden’s. So when we're out enjoying the sun, comfort is key! Soft cotton fabric masks are cool and comfortable to wear in the warm weather.

Top tip: If you wear glasses, a cushioned nose wire ensures a snug fit which means glasses/sunglasses wont fog up! Or, look for a mask with a nose clip. This nifty creation will also stop glasses from steaming up, so there’s no need to choose between seeing and breathing.

Going Out Out … i.e the weekly food shop

In lockdown, the weekly food shop has been a highlight for many, to get out the house, see other human beings and talk to someone other than the cat. A chance to escape the same four walls we’ve all been staring at for a quick bustle around Tesco’s sounds somewhat sad, but true.

The weekly food shop can be daunting for many especially in place enclosed spaces where social distancing is not always possible. As I’m sure many of us had that Grinch moment of "But what would I wear!" this lockdown, but hopefully no more as there is some detail in the announcement many may brush over. Wearing a 'face covering' in shops and supermarkets in England is to become mandatory from 24 July. However, a 'Face covering' can be any form of material that covers your nose and mouth. This means anything from a scarf, a mask or even an old T-shirt are acceptable and sufficient in protecting those around you.

Top tip: A cotton or fabric mask that is soft enough to sit on your skin without any discomfort, the less likely it is you will touch your face. If you do need to re-adjust your mask throughout the day, remember to wash your hands before and after.

The job of a face mask isn’t to protect the wearer but to protect those around you. Its main task is to catch germs, reducing the risk of infection to others. Your mask protects other’s, and their masks protect you. Please remember, unless you regularly come into contact with people who could have Covid-19, a medical-grade N95 mask isn’t necessary, and therefore should be saved for our frontline workers.

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