30th Anniversary Part Three - The Only Company In The World To...

October 30, 2018

In our final instalment celebrating three decades of Malton inflight, we look back at the company’s successes and forward to what the next 30 years will bring.

Any significant company accomplishments in the last 30 years?

There have been numerous accomplishments in the last thirty years. Fundamentally, the Company has managed to survive for a long time in a very competitive industry. During this time, it has won business from such world-famous names as American Airlines, KLM, Emirates, Delta Air Lines, Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Etihad Airways, Malaysia Airlines, Thomas Cook, TAP Portugal, Air Canada, WestJet, Brussels Airlines, Virgin Australia and so many others, too numerous to name. Other accomplishments include the strong relationship we have built with so many loyal and trusted manufacturers. Without their support Malton would not have survived and would not be the company it is today. IFSA Mercury Award Undoubtedly my proudest personal accomplishment, however, has been to be able to provide employment, not only for myself and my family but also for the many Malton employees, both past and present. From a commercial point of view, perhaps the most notable accomplishment in the last thirty years, has been to win the prestigious Mercury Award for Innovation and Quality five times, an award recognised as the highest in the global onboard industry. The first award was for an interactive children’s fun-pack, the second award was or a combined liquid hand-soap and air freshener. Next, an award for our trash compactor box. Then the award for our chinaware made from seashells and last but not least, the Ministro Tea/Coffee/Soup Flask. To my knowledge, winning this award five times is more than any other company in the world has achieved and is a magnificent testament to the hard work, input and expertise of our employees, our suppliers and of course our customers.    

IFCA Mercury Award Winning Products

What will the next 30 years bring?

As anyone knows, it’s always risky and foolish to predict the future, but my hope is that over the next thirty years we will continue to grow. Providing employment and exciting career opportunities to more and more people around the world and that they, in turn, will contribute towards delivering new energy, smarter ideas and an even greater service to our customers. We know we won’t always get everything right the first time but as long as we always try our best, I think that’s as much as, and the least, anyone should expect. I’m very proud that Malton has one of the highest Corporate Social Responsibility ratings of any company in Asia but we’re never going to become complacent about that. We aim to continue to improve and to set a high bench-mark for our competitors to aspire to. We recognise and abide by our duty to find more environmentally-friendly ways to produce the products which we supply and to reduce the amount of damage we and our manufacturers do to the planet. Malton are committed to providing the best training we can to all our staff and we will always encourage diversity and equal opportunity for all. We strive to make every employee feel valued, motivated and rewarded for their time and dedication. We will endeavour to make sure that every customer feels important, that we give them the best value and that we will always appreciate them for trusting in Malton.