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Accident & Fluid Cleaning Spill Kit

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Accidents happen! Designed to make your airline crew's job that little bit easier when faced with onboard mishaps and sickness. With step by step instructions, the accident and fluid cleaning spill kit allows for effective and safe clean-up of all bodily fluids and other general spills.

All bodily fluid should be treated as a hazardous substance, and this product is designed to isolate and hygienically remove spillages while providing complete protection to users.

The super absorbent spill granules can absorb up to 1 litre of fluid from surfaces.

Suitable for hospitals, hotels, transport and leisure industry.



  • Solidifi-ER super absorbent spill granules.
  • Written and illustrative instructions.
  • Medical grade nitrile gloves.
  • Plastic scoop and scraper.
  • Self-seal bio hazard bag for hygienic disposal.

For use on all bodily fluids such as blood and vomit as well as general spills.